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 Diamond Dressers




Single Point Diamond Dressers are made of diamonds with clear, flawless structure, mounted in a metal bond matrix. With one cutting edge is presented to the grinding wheel. Diamonds are selected as per structural strength, number of points, degrees of sharpness, & the finish required on Grinding Wheel.

Depending on the type of grinding wheel, size, width, grit the Diamonds for the dressers are specially selected. "KD" Diamond dressers are available in various qualities i.e 'AA' Four Faceted Congo Diamond from 0.25Ct - 5.00 Ct , 'NP' Natural Point Diamond from 0.15ct - 2.00 Ct , 'A' Bruited Diamond from 0.25Ct - 5.00Ct.

Single Point Diamond Dressers

Single Point Diamond Dressers


The Diamonds are firmly mounted on the shank in a special Metal Bond with Sintering process. 

Shank 1/2" x 6" upto 2.00cts.
Shank 5/8" x 6" over 2.00 cts.




Multi Point Diamond Dressers consist of a number of natural Diamonds of good crystal character sintered into a special wear resistant bond.

The multi point diamond dresser is ideal for rough dressing of grinding wheels.

Multi Point Diamond Dressers

Multi Point Diamond Dressers

We can achieve longer life. Several small Diamonds are rigidly mounted in the matrix to form one or more layers. The Diamonds can be fully utilized without resetting or Resharpening. A Multi point Diamond dresser gives rapid dressing without scoring and producing consistent, even surface on grinding Wheel. It comes with 4 category 5D,7D,9D,12D

Shank Size : 5/8” X 6”




Blade Type Dressers are used mainly for Centreless Grinders & Surface Grinders. In such dressers Specially Selected Longs (Needle) shaped Diamonds are used & set with predefine pattern to ensure a proper follow up action during dressing with zero maintenance. This tool is very economical compare to normal Dresser. We can achieve glaze free dressings.


Blade Type Dressers

Blade Type Dressers


Diamond Indentor is of two types Rockwell & Vickers. Flawless, clear & exactly formed natural diamonds are used in special matrix. Diamond Indentors are used in hardness testing of metals.



Diamond Indentor

Diamond Indentor


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